We are now in 2020. I already draw, sketch and paint for more than 25-30 years. But until last year I was 40 hrs per week working. Now I am retired and however working one day a week still, I hope to get more time to paint, sketch and or draw. I have a good working room, which, by the hand of my wife will be re-newed and be more useful for my hobby painting. It is still a hobby, amongst more like cooking, playing musical instruments and singing, radio amateur, computering, etc. But at the moment a main hobby part. Let us see what 2020 brings

9-1-2020 Error

Deep Sh…. Made a beautiful pencil drawing of my mother-in-law’s hand. Spend 10-15 hours. Then I had to fix it with fixative. The first layer no problem. The I saw a spot needed to be darker, so I to some carbon and made it black. Also Fixative on it…..but too close by. Now it is spoiled at the middle top side. I already started a new one (Not the below one)

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